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The Woman Behind Red Couch Interiors

Hello, my name is Darla Harmon, owner of Red Couch Interiors. My story is one of a stay-at-home mom, who loved those years with my 5 children. As my children grew and started heading off to college, I began to spend more time pursuing the  things I love: cooking, family time, and of course--decorating. It was then that I  enrolled in an interior design school and my studies began. I have absolutely loved it, and have since enjoyed serving numerous clients by helping with both staging and design. I would love the opportunity to work with you and ‘help make your space feel like home!'

I N   C A S E   Y O U   W E R E   C U R I O U S . . .

The name Red Couch Interiors came into being on a long drive as my husband and I were brainstorming business names. At one point, he asked me, “What’s your favorite color?" I have always loved the color red and I knew I wanted to use it in my business name! For the rest of the drive, we tried pairing it out with many words, but finally we landed on Red Couch Interiors because it brought to mind a big, cozy couch that would be comfortable and make a beautiful statement. No, we do not incorporate red couches (or red anything) into every single design--but we make sure to marry form, function, personality, beauty, and comfort into every room so that it fits who you are and how you live!

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